The Story So Far

The Story

So Far


A food revolution

Spudbar was founded in 2000 around the simple promise to create delicious food that’s healthy, great value, quick and casual. We discovered the spud was the perfect platform to build a meal around – delicious, filling and much healthier than the typical meal staples of pasta, bread and rice.

Back in 2000 if you wanted something quick, it had to be ‘fast food’ and fast food was junk food. We created a better tasting and healthier option – people loved it and we continue to refine it.




the gourmet spud?

We have built an exciting business around this nutrient-rich gem of natural goodness. It’s light & fluffy inside with a crispy skin.

But the real magic comes from how well a baked spud works with pulled pork, chilli-bean salsa, avocado & chicken, or home style bolognese. Add to this a load of fresh goodies & you have the ultimate in healthy & delicious eating.

Delicious spuds

& salads

Spudbar marries hearty pub-style food with rustic, farmer’s market goodness. We hope everyone is enjoying the evolution of flavours that we lovingly create.

Customers sitting in Spudbar