The 12 Steps

The 12 Steps

Step 1 – Say Hi
Tell us a bit about yourself by submitting an Application form (Click here). This way when we move to step 2 we can better understand your position and suitability to becoming a Spudbar Franchise Partner.

Step 2 – Have a chat
We will contact you by phone within approximately 48 hours to have a Telephone Interview and discuss your interest in Spudbar. If we are both heading in the same direction you will be approved to the next step.

Step 3 – Formalise your application
Sign a confidentiality agreement that allows us to disclose more information to you. We will review all the information and if suitable you will be invited to meet a member of our Franchise Recruitment team.

Step 4 – First Interview
At the first face to face meeting we will further discuss your application. This will include questions from us, and probably lots of questions from you. If there is more than one applicant you all must attend this meeting as it is important that we get to know the whole proposed team that will be involved in the Spudbar store.

Step 5 – The really important stuff
If you are approved to move to the next stage after the First Interview, you will be required to pay a $2,000 deposit to receive all the information you need to finalise your decision. We will send you our Franchise Kit for you to start reviewing all the legal documentation and franchising information that is required to make an informed choice about buying a Spudbar franchise. This kit will include our Disclosure Document, Franchise Agreement, The Franchising Code of Conduct and financial information.

Step 6 – Second Interview
At this stage you may have lots of questions arising from the information we have sent to you. You will be invited to meet with us to discuss and address any issues arising from the franchise kit and any other information you have received to this point.

Step 7 – Your homework
This is the time for you to finalise your business plan, chat to existing Spudbar franchisees (if you haven’t already), confirm finance and ensure you have received all required independent advice. You will also be provided with our Operational questionnaire that assists us in assessing how well you understand the operational aspects of running a food franchise.

Step 8 – Get your hands dirty
It’s time to get your hands dirty and jump behind the counter of a Spudbar store. Supported by a member of our Operations team, you will have the opportunity to spend a couple of hours working in one of our stores to make sure you’re comfortable with, and fully understand, what the future holds for you.

Step 9 – Final meeting
You’re almost there! At this stage, you will be invited to meet the Spudbar senior management who must sign off on your application. The meeting is a chance for you and Spudbar senior managers to get to know each other and is done when you are absolutely certain you want to become a member of the Spudbar family. Final approval will be provided within 48 hours.

Step 10 – Invitation to join the Spudbar family
Congratulations – at this stage you are approved as a Spudbar franchisee. An Offer to Franchise will be sent for signing along with other required legal documentation. The Offer to Franchise forms the input into the Franchise Agreement. An additional $1,500 is required for the legal fees for the preparation of all the legal documentation*. On the signing of the Franchise Agreement, you will be required to pay the franchisee fee, in full, if a site is ready to go. If your preferred location is not currently available you may chose to pay a portion of the franchise fee to reserve your preferred location.

Step 11 – Learn the ropes
Commence training for your upcoming store opening. During this 3 – 4 week period you will complete in-store training in an existing Spudbar store, in addition to some theoretical sessions at our office. You will also have some involvement in preparing for your store opening.

Step 12 – Get cooking
It’s all go, you’re in your store and off and running. A member of our Operations team will provide intensive support for the first week and ongoing thereafter…

*The $2,000 and $1,500 (total $3,500) is fully refundable less the reasonable legal costs incurred in preparing the Franchise Agreements. These Franchise Agreements will only be drawn up if an individual franchisee is approved into the Spudbar network.