Behold a food revolution.

Spudbar was founded in 2000 around the simple promise to create delicious food that’s healthy, great value, quick and casual. We discovered the spud was the perfect platform to build a meal around – delicious, filling and much healthier than the typical meal staples of pasta, bread and rice. Back in 2000 if you wanted something quick, it had to be ‘fast food’ and fast food was junk food. We created a better tasting and healthier option – people loved it and we continue to refine it.

Why become a Spudbar franchisee?

Healthy fast casual is not just the next big thing it’s the now big thing. As customers become more discerning about their eating and spending habits loyalty is critical. Loyalty is driven by a customer’s perception of quality.

Spudbar has enormous customer loyalty.

Our research shows that over 50% of customers eat at Spudbar at least once a week and more than 80% of customers eat at Spudbar at least once a month. It’s a fresh, healthy brand that is loved by its customer base.

Our franchisees love Spudbar because:

  1. We’re accessible – setup costs are low because of small space requirements and minimal cooking equipment.

  2. It’s a simple operation – with no deep fryers or grillers, Spudbar is an easy transition into hospitality.

  3. Our franchisees are prepared for managing a store and staff – a three week intensive training course prior to opening, on-site support for your opening in store and ongoing support for you and your staff.

  4. Spudbar provides great support – operational support allows franchisees run their business rather than get bogged down in paperwork.

We welcome great people who want to join the team. If you love the idea of bringing fresh & healthy to the fast casual world and are excited by the idea of owning your own business then we’d love to hear from you.

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