Franchising FAQ

Franchising FAQ

Why should I choose Spudbar?
Spudbar is a great choice for many people considering a franchise because it:

  • Is accessible. Setup costs are low because of small space requirements and minimal cooking equipment.
  • Is a simple operation. With no deep fryers or grilling Spudbar is an easy transition into hospitality and retail.
  • Prepares franchisees for managing a store and staff. Spudbar provides an intensive 3 week training course prior to opening, on-site support for your start in-store and ongoing training for both the franchisee and their staff.
  • Provides great support. Operational support lets franchisees grow their business through the use of best practice methodology.

Do I need experience?
No experience is needed, although experience in owning/operating such a business would be an advantage. Spudbar will provide comprehensive training and your passion to succeed and willingness to work hard are far more important components in the selection process.

What are you looking for in a franchisee? We are looking for people who are excited to get up every morning, knowing they are driving the success of their own business and love providing their customers with healthy, great tasting food. Regardless of your background, we are looking for franchisees that are:

  • Passionate people that are committed to working hard in their store
  • Driven to achieve
  • Focused on their customers
  • Happy to work within a system
  • Hospitality or small business experience is not required
  • Obviously you also need the capital to be able to open a Spudbar store

What training do you provide?
Spudbar will provide a comprehensive three week training program. This training will provide you with the theoretical knowledge and hands on skills to run your Spudbar store.

What support do you provide?
Being part of a franchise system means that often used term of “being in business for yourself not by yourself”. In addition to training, Spudbar provides site selection support, assistance with lease negotiations and management of the fit out of your store. After the store has opened, the support continues with in store support during your opening week, local area marketing assistance, national brand building activities and marketing campaigns along with close operational support.

Can I sell my Spudbar store?
Yes, however the applicant must also be approved as a Spudbar franchisee.

Am I required to work in the store?
Yes, initially. The most successful stores are those run by a franchisee that works in the store. Nothing can replace a dedicated, passionate owner who has a vested interest in making the business a success.
You are also opening a brand new business and need to be fully aware that you will need to work many hours, particularly when you first open. This up-front investment of time is crucial to the successful opening of your Spudbar store.

Can I own more than one Spudbar store?
If you do a great job of making your first store a success, we would love to talk to you about becoming a multi unit franchisee and how together we can ensure all of your stores are equally successful. Second and subsequent stores are not normally approved until you’ve been running your first store for a minimum of 6 months.

How much can I earn?
There are so many variables that can impact the success of a Spudbar store that we are not able to estimate the turnover or results of any location. Your input, operational standards, economic conditions, local area factors, staff, and service standards are just a few of the factors that influence the success or otherwise of your Spudbar store. There are risks involved in starting any new business and accordingly earnings are not predictable. Throughout the application process we will provide you with an assortment of information that will assist you in preparing a business plan and you are encouraged to seek independent legal and financial advice.

How long before I can open my Spudbar store?
The opening of your Spudbar store will depend on a number of factors, including the timeliness of completing your application, all required paperwork and site negotiations. The application process should take approximately 4 – 7 weeks. The store development process should take about 12 – 16 weeks.